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Dec 27 '11

Battle plan for avoiding Indoctrination by Mainstream Media (just an outline)

Does anyone have any doubts anymore that the Mainstream media is lying to us every day about the economy? (or about anything else for that matter)

USA Today Headline 12/27/2011 : Sears to close 100 to 120 Kmart, Sears stores

Just last week and even a few days before Christmas, every major TV and cable news program was saying that “Holiday retail sales are higher than last year”; “the economy is getting better as shown by frenzied holiday shopping” etc. etc.

Do yourself a favor: stop watching the mainstream TV news, and get your news from Twitter and Facebook.

The logic is simple: The Mainstream Media is controlled by Large Corporations that have a financial interest in keeping people ignorant of what is really going on.

The spread of News on on Social media like Twitter and Facebook is in the interest of the people:

If a news story is interesting to a lot of people, it gets spread far and wide; if it’s Bullsh#t, it doesn’t go far.

Additionally; it is much more difficult for large corporations and the government to control the spread of information on social media. (although they are trying pretty hard to do so.)


We also got rid of our Cable TV years ago; get Netflix you can rent just about anything today. (we just happen to catch glimses of live TV when we get our oil changed at the auto reapair shop, or when dropping off laundry at the dry cleaners.)

There are also advantages to watching things at a different time than the “masses” do: the timeliness of the message that the corporate entity was trying to impart to you; gets nullified.

Its not only the idea that they (the corporate interests) can make you think a certain way; what gives them the real power; is being able to make you think a certain way; at a certain time, along with everybody else.

Having everyone watching and thinking the same thing at the same time makes everyone easier to control; and harder for any opposition movement to gain momentum.


Mainstream news is becoming more and more useless everyday; because every day it becomes more and more controlled by big corporations. Its new purpose is to keep the masses entertained and under control; not to inform us or keep us educated about the world we live in.

We the people; as creators of our own News for our online communities; have a responsibility to our community. Our responsibility is to provide accurate, informative news that is free from bias and misinformation.

The only way that we will be able to triumph is if we have accurate information about our world. If you post something, keep it factual; if it is your opinion; that’s fine too; but have the courtesy to label it as such.

Together, we can stay informed!
Power to the People!